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April 1, 2009, 5:18 pm
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1. My Little Red Book (boys, skip this one!)
I think this book is a new favorite! It’s a compilation of ladies young and old retelling the story of the first time they reached womanhood (yes, I am talking about the dreaded first period!). I have a niece who is probably about that age, and the entire time I read the book I thought about how I would get her a copy of the book so she wouldn’t feel alone when it happens to her! I’d share my story, but boys read this blog and they would never look at me the same again! But truly, the cutest, most honest and sincere book ever!

2. Axiom by Bill Hybels
I have a soft spot for leadership books. Books on leadership are so easy for me to read (especially in two or three sittings!), and this book is no different… I actually think this book tops Hans Finzel’s book “the top ten mistakes leaders make”… it actually might be my new alltime favorite book about leadership!

3. The Springfield Reformation
I’m about halfway through this book, but thought I’d share anyway! As a kid who was raised on a steady diet of 2 or 3 episodes of the Simpsons per day (YES! per DAY! My little brother Calan and I could re-enact episodes word for word!) this book really caught my attention as it deals with the concept of faith and popular american culture. It’s interesting that the town of Springfield holds religion (mainly the First Church of Springfield, Ned Flanders and Reverand Lovejoy) to a very high standard, but when examined, there is little understanding of biblical and leadership authority (both by the church’s parishoners, Reverand Lovejoy himself, and other authority figures in the town). I thought the book would be a light read, but I was surprised to find that the book is very collegial and written by a doctoral student as his Master’s thesis! How fun would this be to write as your final paper!

4. Crazy Love (Francis Chan)
I am about 30% through this book and am finding it very good. There has been a lot of self reflection involved in this book… a good read for anyone who wants to refocus their attention on our heavenly Father!

I must say, at the beginning of the year, I made a goal to read 100 pages every week and struggled to meet the goal for January and February (February I actually came close 3 of the 4 weeks, but it just wasn’t doing so hot!), but March I have been ON FIRE! Go me!

I have a few good books on my bookshelf waiting to be read, so that is good motivation to read as well!

Here’s to a good month of April reading!


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Awesome book reviews T! I love that you have a reading goal of so many pages per week, I think everyone should have one. Lately I have been going through one or two books a week, once you start reading you just can’t stop!

Comment by Jill

Nice diversity in your books! I was really challenged and helped by Chan’s book, I have a book by Hybels on the shelf that I eventually want to get to as well! The springfield book also sounds fun and interesting! Happy Reading!

Comment by jordanmc

Okay…you TOTALLY lost me on #3…I can’t believe you think it would be “great fun” to write a book for a master thesis…I am so happy to be living in my uneducated bliss…

Comment by Leslee

I want to check out your #1… maybe when I’m over you can show it off???

And yes.. Chan was really challenging.. I loved it!

Comment by nicolemclellan

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